The Land and the Community

Northeastern Minnesota is home to the state's greatest expanse of forest and a variety of pristine ecosystems. Voyageurs Retreat is situated within this natural and beautiful wilderness and wooded environment. The Voyageur Retreat Development consists of over 250 parcels on two lakes surrounded by rolling hills with flowing streams, 7 miles of nature trails, 5 miles of paved and unpaved bike trails, and over a dozen community owned private parks and beaches.


*Sabin Lake: 300 acres up to 40 feet deep

*Wynne Lake: nearly 300 acres up to 52 feet deep

*Parcels 1-3 acres in size

*Full public utilities (high speed internet, natural gas, water, sewer) and all buried power and utlitity lines
*City Maintained paved roads
*13 distinct settlements
*Mesabi Bike Trail Access. 
*Located adjacent to Giants Ridge Golf and Ski Resort.
*Located in Biwabik, MN
*School District: Mesabi East ISD 2711